Platinum Greenia
Our Platinum Greenia Project

Treasure Because life brings you one ...

Life is less about physical assets and more about emotional
Assets . Because emotional moments and the joys they bring are the one that make the journey of life fruitful. And when you have a home that has the best of both – it’s nothing less than a treasure. Platinum Greenia welcomes you with arms open , so you belong here comes choose your space.


Because it’s all for you..
Platinum greenia is a residential community for those who wish to live life with a dash of luxury it’s home to 51 exclusive one-floor and two floor luxury house, that are a blend status and satisfaction ; amenities and awesomeness ; planning and passion . come pick the space that defines you.


One set of east-facing house at platinum greenia is a ground floor . it’s the perfect place for those who wish to fulfil their long –cherished dream of living in a house . of course , it comes with its own parking .

Ground Floor

3D View


Because we’ve designed it smart
The Wonderful part is no matter variant of house you choose to own at platinum greenia-east-facing –you’ll be pleased by the fact that it’s an outcome of smart planning to bring you a living you’ll beamazed by.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Admire .

Because there’s plentifulspace.
Move a header at platinum greenia and you’ll get to the other set of east facing house which come with ground – first level of space its all the space one needs to start flying with imagination , within the precincts of exclusivity

3D view
Ground & First
East Facing

3D view
Ground & First
West Facing


Because little things matter .
For those who prefer west-facing house in ground format , platinum greenia has that variant as well that measures close to 150 and 167 syds . it’s the kind of space you need to make life’s little luxuiressimply yours..

Ground Floor Plan

West Facing House

3D view


Because there’s nothing to stop you .
To bring you more choice . platinum greenia brings to youwest-facing house come in ground – first format that span across a total of 150 and167 syds . so, if you have bee seeking space and much more , we have it all for you on this side as well.

West Facing House

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Move ..

Because a house’s awaiting you.
Platinum greenia is located on the stretch of Guntur amaravati highway in the midst of tranquillity and greenery you could say that your hunt for luxury home that complements your status , desires amd aspiration – has been fulfilled come discover more, so you can live it up..